Nov 26/17 I got out for another short ride today. I had to call it on a count of rain. Got out yesterday for a good long ride too. Sticking with my goal of riding all winter, if it is not storming. I was out less than an hour and I rode home in the rain. I hoped that storm front would hold off a little longer but there is no telling this time of year. You just have to go by the hour. I am making a habit of rinsing off my bike, quick towel dry, and a quicker lube. A few seconds of WD-40 on the machinery. Back on the hanger.

When I do my workout today I could almost skip the Stationary bike but it wouldn’t feel right. I am starting to think about target areas that people are working on. What would they be? Back?, Shoulders?, Knees?, Wrists? I have always thought in terms of getting the most out of my workout, so it is logical to target problem areas. What is a target area? Well!, I might get keel-hauled for this, but if you have pain or discomfort it is generally caused by two things. Pulled muscle or aggravation of an injury. Both are generally improved by action. Working out strengthens your muscles whether they like it or not. A good routine of stretches holds back stiffness indefinitely. I didn’t make the rules. We are not going to get out of this alive so there is no point in any undead protocols. Remember, you do your full workouts, 3-4 times/week, for about three months and you should start having a lot more energy and general discomfort should diminish noticeably. It’s no miracle, no magic cure. You can still feel stuff. My elbow is a little sore but it doesn’t stop me or even slow me down. I keep working it. Full range of motion stretches. Keep moving.  ~J

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