Hi everyone, Glad to see you. I haven’t made a post for sometime. My regular job is dying and it got me a little down. Being laid off at 58 is a lot different from 30 something. Am I retired or not? Do I have to look for a Job? It’s a lousy time in a person’s life to have to ask yourself these questions. Some people prefer to keep this kind of stuff completely private. I don’t believe in that. I share with my      friends. The good and bad both. 

So I find myself back at something I have said all along. I workout so I will be ready for whatever comes next. That means the most at times like this. For the time being, I might as well look at this as the end and the new beginning. I have only had a few weeks of work since Christmas and I am starting to notice that the regular workout I have used for nearly 20 years is not completely suitable for a more occasional work life. Something needs to change. I believe lots of people will have a similar experience.

I think many of us somehow miss/overlook how much energy we actually exert in our regular work life routine. I thought I knew. I always thought of my workout as a tuneup to keep the edge on my physical fitness. However, when I stopped working everyday I quickly noticed that the same workout I have been using for a long time was leaving me doing less reps and reducing weights slightly. For some reason I didn’t expect that. Working out isn’t something you can do ten years ago or 6 months ago or even a few weeks ago and in this transition time it can get away from you. Working out and staying fit is a lifelong thing, every week. So we begin again.


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