Time: The big Time issue. Been hearing it all of my life and I am busy enough now to relate. To do this working out thing you will have to do a couple of things in regards to time. Planning, prioritizing sure! All that needs to be done. The thing that seems to get most people is distractions. If you have a dog it needs to go for it’s walk, there is no getting around that. You need to do your regular grocery shopping and household chores. These things can be scheduled around your workout and I find after my workout I have lots of energy to do them so the workout is not really taking time from my day. I get a lot more done on workout days than the others.

The thing that causes the most trouble with your schedule is unplanned contacts from people that claim to care about you. People calling and texting and making up fools errands for you when they know you are working out. It still happens to me, three times today. It’s pretty easy to think of giving up. Let’s think about things for a minute.

If this person is the one you love that gives you the adult physical affection in your life I can’t help you too much. You can try talking to this person and they should care enough about you that they see you are trying to take care of yourself and leave you undisturbed to do it. The employment/career/job is tough, it gets a way higher priority in our lives than it should but that is life today. Do the best you can with that. THE REST of the other 5B people on the earth can wait. This should include Parents, Grand-parents, Siblings, children, friends, etc. These people are going to care about you whether they want to or not. It is intolerable for any of these people to get terse with you for actively taking care of yourself. You need 40 minutes every other day and how much these people actually care about you can pretty easily be measured by their interruptions to it over time.

Taking control of your time and your life is an old saying but it still fits. You will always have to make choices in any worthwhile endeavour. Some choices are harder than others but they are all still choices. Being the best you can be is about making the best choices. The best choice you can make is good physical fitness. You are ready for anything.~J

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