Reposted from Mar 19/2016

Sick Days: I believe most everyone gets them. I get them too. My first day back after almost 2 weeks. Don’t beat yourself up. You are not lazy. This is a cold or a flu. Health, Sports, Fitness believes in taking care of yourself. That means sick days too. Your body needs to recover from whatever this thing is. That takes energy that is in short supply on sick days. I worked everyday and that was not fun but that is what I have to do. The rest of the time I powered down a little. Tried to get more sleep. Tried to eat well even when I didn’t feel like it. Lots of chores didn’t get done on time. Yesterday I was still pretty tired, now. I feel good nananananana!, I knew that I would nanananananana! So I know I told you that days when you don’t feel like it are the days when you should workout. That doesn’t include sick days. Are you sick? Are you fighting a bug? If you are, go ahead and take a day off. Reevaluate tomorrow. Wearing yourself down when your body is battling a bug may be counter-productive. Take care of yourself. That’s what this is all about.~J

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