Reposted from Mar 19/2016.

This workstation has so many advantages it will take a while to describe them all. I will describe one today. Most fitness instructors use the same method for ab crunches we all learned in high school, sit ups. To be fair. For a gym teacher with nothing but a ball and a whistle for equipment having a class doing sit ups is hard to beat. However, there are many disadvantages to this time honoured method. It puts uncomfortable pressure on your lower back and increases potential for injury during your workout. Also when you first start working out it is too much weight and at intermediate levels it is not enough resistance. I firmly believe this workstation is worth it’s keep for this one exercise alone. Sit on the workstation as you would to begin benchpress. Hook your feet on the hamstring curl bar. Hold your dumbbells close to your chest and sit up naturally as you would getting out of bed. It is completely scalable of course. Start with lighter weights and work your way up over time. I use the stripping method. It’s a proper term in weight lifting. It means you start with the heaviest weight you will be using that day and reduce for your second and third sets.                    I start with two dumbbells, go to one dumbbell for the second set. Then simple crunches with no extra weight for the third. I have been doing Ab crunches this way for most of my career. It’s comfortable. It isolates your Abs perfectly. You don’t need anything else you hold your legs down. You can do a much better job of working your laterals. It’s a great exercise. Everyone wants and needs good Abs and they are tough without a good machine to help. It doesn’t get any smoother and more straight forward than this.~J

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