Reposted from July 27/2016 Music: My colleague Dale and I have been discussing what type of music we should use during workouts. I’m an old audiophile, I like vinyl LP’s. I try to find a whole album I can listen to without skipping songs. It is surprisingly difficult. You want music that has what I would call a fairly square beat. All of the variations you hear in music are great for dancing, however when you are lifting 100+ pounds over your head you want a beat that is rock solid. Few if any variations. Most people these days don’t listen to whole albums so we are going to start compiling a list of particularly good workout songs. Songs with a clean square beat. Remember, this is not a party mix. This is for work. It should not have distracting lyrics. You should like the songs OK but it doesn’t have to be your favourite genre. We want the beat. Give us the beat. ~J

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