Hi Everybody,

It’s been a while. I have been working out and riding bicycle all summer but I have been remiss on the site. Motivation. We do this working out thing in preparation for life. Anytime you put something on a shelf for a while seems a little harder to get back to. Start where you are, I have said that before. Whatever you did before, it is easier for you that someone just starting. I know it doesn’t seem that way, but it’s true. You know what to do, put on your gym clothes, go to your gym, face that gear. Fire up your best workout CD and kick it. Sometimes your gym may be a little unprepared. Don’t stand on ceremony. Tidy it quick, put in a minute or two then go! So what shall we do today? I usually start on the stationary bike. I got started with that at my first gym and I have always done that first. I like full tension. If it’s been a while, It may take a few weeks to work back up to it. For someone that has been doing it weekly for a few months, most days it will feel like it is not enough tension. That’s OK, the bike is just for warm-up. I have always promoted the 40 minute workout. The bike is 5-8 minutes of that time. This gives you a very good leg warm-up. The legs will be a little tired for a couple of minutes so this is a good time to do some upper body for a few minutes. This can be classic bench press, some curls with the straight bar or an easy bar if you prefer. You could also do your crossover flys at this time. I usually save my AB crunches for around now. I am fully warmed up top and bottom so this will allow me to do the crunches with the least amount of discomfort. It is ideal to only have the typical soreness of a muscle in your core.  I try to keep moving and have resistance the whole 40min. I  sometimes take a few minutes with my dumbells at this time. I extend them fully, straight arm in front of me and twist them full range back and forth for as long as I can. I often do my hamstring curls next. I lay face down on my bench, hook my legs in the leg curl and hold my dumbells at the same time. This nails all the most important muscles: Back, hamstrings, shoulders, triceps. It’s a great exercise. I am going to call it here. Hit that gym. 🙂 ~J

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