Hi everyone, It’s been forever. Thanks to all the people on twitter that have continued to send us email in the quiet months. I worked out and went for a good ride on my bicycle today. Still listening to Vinyl records during my workouts. I like them. Are you having a tough time with motivation? It’s easy to give advise when you are settled into a healthy routine for a while. It’s a little harder when you are slipping. It’s still the same advice I always gave. Start where you are. Getting into your gym gear and facing that gym is the toughest part. Do your workout every few days for a few months and you will start to miss it if you don’t. It’s tough at the beginning. It tired’s you out. If you are new to this you may not believe you get energy from it. If you are coming back to it you you do, but it takes a few months, RATS! 

So let’s begin again.  

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