Injuries, What to do? Reposted from May/June 2016

I broke my wrist playing ball-hockey last month. I have been at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Two more weeks in a cast, probably lose that weekend as well. So much nice weather lately, it’s frustrating. I should be able to stationary bike, leg curls, ab crunches, Not too much in the upper body. ~J

Well, the cast has been off 5 days. Working through a bit of stiffness and a little numbness, here and there. Doc says it will go away. Well! I did it. 40 minutes of weight training. I had to take 30lbs/13.61k off my heavy bar. A bit of a drag but I always say start where you are. So I’m back in the saddle looking up a hill I climbed many years ago. Chin up   . I was happy I didn’t have to reduce the weight on my dumbbells.

In a injury/rehab type workout, you will be a little more sensitive to pain/discomfort than usual as you don’t want to have any setbacks or re-injury. It’s important to get back in the game but there is no need to set any records this month. (unless you are booked for the Olympics) Just workout, go through the regular motions. 10-20 reps @ new weight. Remember, this is real life. This is what we do. We lift weights to prepare for whatever comes. Be ready~J

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