Well I did it again. I had some kind of accident on my bicycle. Don’t remember all of it. I was on my way to Walmart and there is a little shortcut trail to the parking lot. It’s a different bike from the one I usually ride, a classic 10-speed configuration with a couple of mods. You might call it a crossover. I had some dead MTB parts, (MTB-aka Mountain Bike). Handlebars, Lever Shifters, MTB crankset. I wanted more of a Urban bike. It pedals really well. I estimate 30% less energy over a regular MTB. Hey, some days I just don’t feel like pedaling an extra 15 lbs/6.8kg uphill. I am happy with the new old bike. It’s easy to ride.

Anyway, It was an unofficial trail. It was only a couple of hundred feet long. I thought I could handle it. Alas, no. The new old bike has the handlebars¬†and the Crankset, but the brakes and tires are all 10-speed. It said no at the bottom of that little hill. Next thing I remember I was standing in front of Walmart without memory of the past few minutes. The doctor didn’t seem too worried. Just recommended a couple of days off. Kind of sore. I feel like I have been in a battle. Oh well, That’s the first time in over 40 years. That’s ¬†real life. I am not going to hide in an earthquake proof room. I am going to take a week off my Cycling pursuits but I am back on next week.

As I said, I like the new old bike. You can pick up an old 10-speed road bike for almost nothing. By today’s standards they are heavy. Between 18-25 lbs/8.1-11.33kg. However, a typical MTB is a lot closer to 40 lbs/18.1kg. You can also get a dead MTB for almost nothing and the parts you will want are probably OK. With a little work you can have yourself a great Urban bike for next to nothing. Weight is everything for a bike. These days people will spend thousands of dollars to shave a couple of pounds off a bike. To shave off 10 pounds for nothing is a dream for most cyclists. No one is going to ride that old 10-speed again, but an Urban bike, we might have something there. Just don’t take it off-road. Switch bikes for trail. even a short one. Thanks for your patience. I know it’s been a while. Please like and subscribe where applicable. ~J

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