It’s been a little while since my last post. Plans are in the works. Our new video camera’s have arrived. The Fitness studio is almost ready to be seen. A little prepre-spring cleaning. Get the optimum tripod space cleared. That be the corners of the room, you know . I’m lingering over coffee this morning but it will be done today.

I wanted to talk a little about plans today. I love just getting up in the morning and doing something spontaneously as much as the next person. In a typical busy work week there is not much time for that and it feels good to have the freedom once in a while. Now, I’m sure you know that if you make that your plan not very much will actually get done. Not work, not play, not much success. 

We are made to be busy. Everybody claims to be busy. What are these people we care about accomplishing? I’m not going to waste typing time with the main list of excuses. We all know it too well. My suggestion for today and the new year is to plan our lives. Do I mean every minute? There are moments in the year when that needs to be done but that is not how a sustainable plan runs. Everyone needs to figure out what they want to do. What do you want to do? I want to retire and I don’t want to move into a travel trailer. It’s a serious statement these days. I know people that have done it and I know people that are planning to do it. To accomplish my goal I require more income. Almost everyone does. That is just one component of a goal. I want more free time, now. My tennis is getting rusty and I haven’t played golf in 5 years. Each of these things takes generous amounts of spare time. My friends are crazy about ball-hockey. It is perhaps not for everyone, but the people that do it will live on the highway, build stadiums, and make ball-hockey the central focus of their lives. More power to them.                                       

To do that, they have to accomplish everything, everyone else has to do in their daily lives too. That is a goal. Whatever your goal, reading more, playing chess, hunting and fishing, building that project car, they won’t get done to any satisfactory level without a plan. Whatever your plan, it must include all components of your life. Don’t like your job, I hear you. Take a course. I mean it. Every self-help book I ever read has stories about people that made amazing improvements in their lives by completing a simple course, or two. Whatever your job is right now, it is just a necessary step in your goal.

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