Hi everyone, I did a major mistake on the new website build last night. I changed something that was clearly recommended I leave alone. Guess what? Disaster. Spend many hours trying to fix it. Finally I just went to the control panel of my webhost account and uninstalled my 2 week old WordPress account. I immediately reinstalled wordpress and had everything back up and running within a few minutes, (maybe 20-30).

It’s the learning curve, I once read the quicker you can make your first 60 mistakes the quicker you will succeed. So don’t agonize over if you have to start over. It may have taken me hours to get to where I was but to redo it only took a few minutes. That’s OK, that’s good. That means we are learning. I’m still setting up the site but it is looking pretty good. I can’t wait until it is completely functional. I will do it today. 🙂

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