I will be referring to this image often. It’s kind of cool it’s sitting right here beside my post. You are perhaps wondering if you have to acquire all this stuff immediately. Soon yes, immediately no. The two things you require right away and pretty much at the same time are: The stationary bike and two dumbbells. I indicated before I start every workout on the stationary bike. Any stationary bike that is functioning correctly will do. I saw one at a thrift store this week for $5.00. and they go up from there. Hundreds into the thousands of dollars. It’s your decision where you want to start. I wore out two of those thrift store bikes before I got my Schwinn. It has pretty well paid for itself now as I would have burned up many bikes of the rubber wheels by now. When you start using full tension on the rubber wheels they heat up and wear out. As satisfying as that is it’s a pain to have to go and scrounge another one as they are not always available. Next is the Dumbbells. I still use the dumbbell handles I originally got from the big W-store in 2000 with small plates. You cannot beat the price of their plates and it is scalable. You only have to get what you need and get more later if/when you want more. Some may disagree but I only use as much weight as I can hold straight arm in front of me, at least for a few seconds. I rarely change the weights on my dumbbells. I will go into more detail a bit later on technics and their purposes. The dumbbells purpose is not for maximum lifts. We use a heavy bar or an easy bar for this. Dumbbells are for toning smaller muscles that tend to get overlooked after we start major weight increases on the bench pressWhat should we acquire?. Not to worry. All will be explained in a careful progression. Til’ next time.~J

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