Here’s a great article from Dale. He posted this a few years back around this time of year back in 2016. It’s still great advice. ~J

“I’ll start tomorrow.” – Everybody at some point in their life.

Les Brown said it best, “There’s no guarantee you’ll show up tomorrow.”

Some people view this quote as a ‘life is short, act now’ type message. And it works, it fits, life is short, we do need to act now. But we shouldn’t focus on the fact that life is short as being our motivation to act, we need to act now because every minute we don’t is a minute we can look back on with regret. I don’t want to regret anything anymore, I want to start looking back on every moment from this moment forward and think fondly of every second I’m awake, every second I’m alive. I can’t get back any of the wasted moments of my past, but I can press start on a new future.

Press start with me, success is within reach and if you show up today, you’ll be that much closer to tomorrow, the tomorrow you’ve always dreamed of. But you have to show up today, change your mindset, there is no tomorrow when it comes to chasing your dreams, there’s only today and what you do with your time today. Live every minute to get you closer to your ultimate goal, live your life to get to where you deserve to be; no more wanting, just what will come if you simply show up today and give it your all.

One step a step at a time, but your first step will be to show up, your first step will be to press start and get in the game, whatever game that may be.

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